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52 Must-Have ECommerce Features To Stay Competitive

The following details the essential eCommerce website feature list that every successful online store must have. There’s a good possibility that these features will prove handy if you’re working on either the layout or functionality of an eCommerce site. An e-commerce website can benefit from several additions that make it simpler for users and store owners to navigate and maintain the site.

A credible ecommerce store should have a secure payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. Besides, your customers should be given the possibility to select from a list of various payment gateways and choose one based on their preferences. In this article, you’ll learn what features a good ecommerce website should include and how you can implement these UX elements. There’s no denying that special offers, discounts and other promotion tactics are tough to resist.

Must-Have Features For Successful Ecommerce Website

Take a look at the Watches of Mayfair, a luxury brand supplier mentioned earlier in the article. We implemented custom widgets from the Trustpilot consumer review website to increase credibility and provide social proof. Of course, you always take the risk of getting negative reviews, but the potential advantages of customer reviews outweigh the disadvantages. Using micro-animations on an ecommerce website can really improve the overall user experience and highlight areas of a page where you’d like your customers to focus.

features of an e-commerce website

Your customers should be allowed to see details of what they have in their cart before making payment. It should include the product name, price, and quantity of each product. Include language options that allow your customers to read the content on your website in their preferred language. This is a key feature of an e-commerce website that wants to accommodate buyers from different regions and countries. Add a feature that allows customers to register and log into your website before buying a product.

Shopping Cart and Checkout

The quality of customer service you offer plays a crucial role in the growth of your business. Therefore rather than making the customers wait for the answers, many e-commerce websites have added live chat support to their help desk software. This means that brands need to make it easy and rewarding to submit product reviews and prominently feature customer reviews and ratings on their websites. Your website’s ability to provide a consistent experience across displays of varying sizes is a simple but one of the most crucial e-commerce website features. Customers today frequently switch between computers, tablets, and smartphones, so it’s crucial that each device provides a consistent surfing experience. And it’s important to build a mobile-friendly e-commerce website that helps to effortlessly get in touch with shoppers and increase sales.

features of an e-commerce website

A user-friendly menu, advanced search function, and customized call-to-action are only a few ecommerce navigation examples — scroll down for more. Shopping online has become extremely common, but many consumers still feel hesitant about making online purchases — especially from smaller brands that they may be unfamiliar with. Include a section on your ecommerce website where customers can read real product reviews. When a customer visits an online store, they make snap decisions about the brand within a few short seconds of landing on the homepage. ECommerce website design, and building loyal customer relations leading to the best user experience.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Options

The categories, colors, descriptions, sizes, etc., of your products, should be modifiable without the help of a developer from the site’s backend. It is essential to be able to track orders and maintain client records. It could be useful if you used it to send special discounts to repeat customers. Customers who aren’t ready to complete their purchases at the moment should be given the option to save their carts for later use. Toward the end of the page, you might list some complementary items. This may encourage the customer to search for the appropriate item.

  • The FAQ section is the prime go-to destination for such customers.
  • Intelvision consults all our customers on integrating this eCommerce feature into your website.
  • Products similar to this can also include similar product categories to comparison shops, people who bought this product also looked at more and more.
  • Moreover, this eCommerce feature is especially loved by mobile users.
  • Now, you can hire a software & Web development company to develop a responsive website across all devices and screen sizes.
  • If they can’t have a good experience, they will exit and look for an alternative- an alternative could be your competitor.

For example, you won’t need to ensure your paragraphs are just a few lines because product descriptions are already. People who have never visited your website might wonder if they have landed on the right one. To remove this confusion, could you add a logo to your website?

Unique Features of Ecommerce Websites

ECommerce website development services range from $100/hour to $500/hour and beyond. It’s simply a matter of listening to your customer’s feedback and monitoring your competitors to see if new trends in ecommerce arise. While marketers may not agree on the value of image and video carousels on the homepage, you will find many ecommerce brands use them.

features of an e-commerce website

Now, the users can instantly see the product they are about to purchase with a 360-degree view. Just look at TurcomUSA, the US consumer electronics brand website developed by our team at Elogic. An instant search function significantly improved the website usability.

Multiple Payment methods

Keeping in mind that account data might be stolen while paying online, many people avoid such risk-taking. It means your task is to integrate a reliable payment system into your website and ensure its security. Mobile-friendly e-commerce websites have a better chance to attract new customers. With ecommerce sales ecommerce website service skyrocketing, you must provide a superior and intuitive shopping experience to stay competitive and avoid missing out on sales. A search bar helps customers easily find what they’re looking for. They want to search quickly, read helpful information, and purchase if the product meets their expectations.

features of an e-commerce website

High-quality images will give the impression of a high-quality product. Consumers who shop online today are becoming more and more https://globalcloudteam.com/ dependent on their mobile devices. In 2023, mobile devices will be used for 56% of all online purchases, the study predicts.

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